Colourist Training

As a colour trainer, I offer both personalised and structured tuition using DaVinci Resolve. Having conducted grading Masterclasses at the University of Wollongong, Randwick and Ultimo TAFE means whether I come to your post house or you find yourself in one of my classes it's a great day and you'll get the best of what I have to offer for your learning experience. Contact me here for customised training contact details.

Along with the personalised training, I'm very proud to be associated with Digistor in Sydney to present Davinci Resolve bespoke training that specialises in Fundamentals and Advanced techniques. This training has been tailored to cater for the new user and also to address industry specific needs and issues. We certainly don't follow the manual and always make sure to keep time aside for individual problem solving each day.

I have trained aspiring and established colourists, great cinematographers, independent producers, editors and vfx specialists using Resolve. Artists have come from all over Austraila and from large and small post & production houses bringing different levels of experience to the day. My curriculum focuses on grading theories, technical issues like RAW camera data, calibration and of course the tools to get the most from the application.

Some of the companies that I have collaborated with for training include:

  • Foxtel
  • Freemantle Media
  • Blackbird VFX
  • Ogilvy
  • Pacific Magazines
  • Alt VFX
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Blue Post
  • The National Film and Sound Archive
  • Definition Films
  • AIE
  • Hackett Films
  • Postproduktiv

The latest class and specialist training details are found by calling Digistor on 02 9431 6032.

Training Testimonials

Hi Sarah, (Digistor Training Manager)
Thanks so much for the course last week. The amount of knowledge Cathy and Brad have on all of the software was incredible. They were able to impart there knowledge in many practical scenarios we discussed over the 3 days, very experienced and talented operators. They both mentioned that we could contact them at anytime in the future as well, really nice to meet them both. Thanks very much for your hospitality as well, you made Terry and I feel very welcomed at every stage of the visit. All the staff were very accommodating as well. Will definitely be recommending your courses to colleagues internally and externally of the NFSA. Thanks again. - Terry Stuetz Operator at NFSA

Brad was incredibly knowledgeable and able to answer every question and give valuable insights into the software and his professional work. The content of the course was tailored to our specific needs and questions so that no time was wasted.Allan Colourist at Ogilvy.

Hi Sarah, Randy thought the training with Brad was great. He came away with all of his long list of questions answered as well as more that evolved as they went. We found the process good too with the planning and discussion before the course very effective in making the most of the time on the day. Thanks for all your help in this. - Suzi Ting, Producer

I got a lot out of it and I'm putting everything I learnt to good use already grading a half hour TV show, jumping in the deep end I think is the term? I'm definitely interested in the advanced course if it happens so let me know once you guys have finalised details and I will hopefully be along for that one as well. Thanks again. - Max Thornhill, Editor Projekta

A wealth of information not only on Resolve but also colour grading fundamentals plus the difference between camera's like BlackMagic Cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it answered many of the questions I've had for a very long time. - Paul Sproule, Managing Director CloudVision

Great teacher, friendly and knowledgeable. Answered many questions with patience with clarity. Absorbed a surprising amount of knowledge in a short day. - Chloe Tse, VFX artist and aspiring colourist

Very broad/ Extensive Coverage. Working through a standard workflow is very informative. Brad was very patient and would answer questions extensively. His industry knowledge was fantastic and informative. - Kim Lund, Hackett Films  

Colour grading at Digistor was terrific. Brad was great. We both really loved the learning. Well paced. Learnt a lot in 1 day and felt very comfortable. – Alan Maxwell, AIE

I very much enjoyed the course and got alot out of it and have already started putting it to use. Brad was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. I wouldn't hesitate to do another relevant course in the future. - Jared Michael, AIE